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This interactive app prompts the user for key fields to lookup a database record and displays the results

Last updated on July 3, 2019

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Customer Information Lookup

This space provides an example of a simple database inquiry and the use of database-driven components.

Database Driven Auto-Complete

The customer number textbox provides auto-complete functionality that shows available customer numbers, along with the corresponding customer names. The user simply starts typing into the box to see available choices.


This functionality is accomplished without any extra Node.js code thanks to the database-driven widget capabilities found in NodeRun. The textbox widget has the following properties set for auto-complete:

  • choices database table
  • choices options field
  • choices value field


Other properties can help further refine the auto-complete functionality:

  • choices selection criteria
  • choices parameter value
  • max choices
  • contains match
  • case sensitive

Retrieving Full Customer Information

Customer information is retrieved and then placed on the screen using pjs.query(), which accepts an SQL statement along with any parameters to bind to the SQL. The results of pjs.query() are returned into a JavaScript array without the need for a callback function. This simplifies top-down business application programming.

Controlling Visibility

Widgets on the screen can be bound to fields or variables within your Node.js code. For example, the "visibility" property of the widget that shows the Invalid Customer Number message was bound to a boolean field named invalid. Now, we can easily trigger the message from our Node.js code just by setting invalid to true or false.


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