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What is a Space?

A Space is what we call an application or a project in Profound.js Spaces. Every Profound.js Space you create includes your own server, your own files, and your own integrated database.

To create a new Space, simply click on the New Space button in the upper right corner of the website. This launches the online Profound.js IDE, which provides all the tools you need to build and deploy Node.js applications. You can start by building an app from scratch, by selecting one of Profound.js Spaces' templates, or by cloning one of your existing Git repos.

Once you publish your application, you and others can view it and try it within the Profound.js Spaces community site.

You can also edit, fork, share, like, comment, collaborate (and more!) on spaces directly within the community site.

Viewing Your Spaces

You can view all your spaces by clicking on the user dropdown menu in the upper right corner.


Profound.js IDE

Our Profound.js IDE is where the work happens! Inside the IDE, you can configure your space settings, write your code, and launch runnable copies of your project as you build it.

Here are some basic Profound.js IDE concepts:

New Button

Clicking the New button gives you options to start a new instance of the IDE, create a new space, or add a file into your existing space.



Before you can launch or share your space, you have to use the the Publish button to give your space a name and set its public permissions. You can also write a short description and provide searchable keywords that describe your workspace.



The Fork button creates a new, complete copy of the space you're viewing. You can fork your own spaces or the spaces of other members.


You can you use the Launch button to run your application either within the IDE or in a separate browser tab.

If you're using the Profound.js' Visual Designer to build your user interface, you can also use the Launch button to preview Rich Display screens.

Hot Reloading

With Profound.js Spaces, changes to your code go live immediately. It's a feature we call hot reloading. You don't have to publish or manually restart your server after changes are made.


Using the Contributors menu, you can add and invite other members of Profound.js Spaces to contribute to your space.

Contributors are able to open and make changes to a space just like the space owner.

Profound.js Spaces URL Patterns

Each space has its own set of URLs, where you would specify the owner and space name in the URL.

  • To preview a space, use[owner]/[space]/
  • To open a space in the IDE, use[owner]/[space]/
  • To run the application, use[owner]/[space]/
  • To view the README content for a space, use[owner]/[space]/


It is good practice to include a file in your space. The file should include information about your space.

The file uses markdown format. Markdown is a plain text compatible format. So, if you're new to markdown, just type the information using plain text.

Profound.js includes a Markdown editor with a live preview.


Space Thumbnail Image

We also recommend that you upload a custom thumbnail for your space. Simply click the current thumbnail in the top-right corner and select Replace Thumbnail.


If you don't provide a custom thumbnail, Profound.js Spaces will attempt to take an automatic screenshot of the app for you.


Have questions about this topic? Ask for help on our Profound.js Spaces Discussion Forum.

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